• Transitioning from Winter to Spring - Revitalizing Dry Hair & Skin

    Spring has FINALLY arrived and now is the perfect time to boost dehydrated hair & skin with much needed moisture for a fresh healthy start to the season.

    Try these holistic recipes at home that will SPRING your hair & skin back into shape!
  • Fragrance Oils vs. Essential Oils

    Our sense of smell is vital to the overall wellbeing of our lives. When we use our sense of smell, we are ingesting into our bodies the chemical properties that make up what we are smelling. These chemicals affect our bodies just like chemicals we ingest in the food we eat and can have an incredibly positive or negative impact on our physical & mental health.

    If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and how to incorporate them into your life in place of harmful chemicals, I offer an Intro to Aromatherapy Class for individuals & groups. This class is designed to be a practical, informative, and most of all FUN introduction to essential oils and how you can easliy use them in a variety of ways to enhance your life!